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Serving Northern Alabama and the Surrounding Areas

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The Diet Clinic has a whole range of prescription medications available to help you fast track your weight loss and reach your goals! If any of these products sound familiar, or perhaps you've encountered them before, it's because each of these medications has a long history of successful weight loss in patients! In fact, many of these drugs have been proven safe and effective for over 30 years!


Trust The Diet Clinic's more than 24 years of experience and physician-supervised staff to help you find the right medications for your needs! And look for coupons in your local magazine to help you SAVE when you visit The Diet Clinic! Enjoy great weight loss services that suit your budget! Contact us today to make an appointment.

Explore Weight Loss Through Prescription Medication

Industry-tested and approved prescriptions

 •  Belviq

 •  Qsymia

 •  Phentermine

 •  Adipex-P. 37.5mg

 •  Fastin 30mg

 •  Ioniman 30mg

 •  Profast 18.75mg, 30mg

Call The Diet Clinic today for a FREE consultation!


Supercharge Your Weight Loss With Prescription Medication

 •  Didrex 50mg

 •  Regimex 25mg

 •  Phendimetrazine

 •  Weighless 105mg

 •  Bontril 35mg, 105mg

 •  Plegine 35mg

 •  Melfiat 105mg

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