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The Diet Clinic has outstanding lipotropic injection treatments available to help you burn fat and get fit! One of today's most sought fat-burning injections, lipotropics are a great tool to help you lose excess weight, especially around the waist, hips, and "love handle" areas. Get 5 lipotropic injections for just $60.00 at The Diet Clinic!


You can rest assured that you'll get great fat burning treatments at The Diet Clinic - we've got over 24 years of experience in the diet and weight loss industries!

Burn Fat and Get in Shape With Lipotropic Injections

Learn how powerful lipotropic injections work

Lipotropic is a fat-burning compound that targets stored body fat, such as the fat found around your midsection. Generally, you can expect to start seeing dramatic results from your lipotropic treatments after the 3rd injection. Weekly injections are recommended, though some patients prefer twice-weekly injection sessions.


Plus, The Diet Clinic is the only place in town that offers lipotropic injections! Take advantage of our referral discount - refer a new patient and SAVE $5 on your next visit to The Diet Clinic! Contact our team today for more information!

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Health With Lipotropic Injection Therapy